(Updated January 2019)

The costs of operating the club are separated into 3 categories:

  1. Costs covered by annual club fee’s invoiced at the beginning of the year, which include:

a. Volleyball BC registration and player insurance
b. Gym rental costs
c. Uniforms
d. Equipment
e. Tournament entrance fees
f. Club administration costs
g. Coaching accreditation eg. NCCP & Professional Development

2.  Through BCO fund raising activities and within the financial capability of the club, constrained by our obligations under the societies act and as a not for profit organization, it is our club objective to support the following initiatives and reimburse coaches for costs as listed below.

a. Coaches honoraria
b. Subsidies for financially challenged athletes
c. Non-tourney & local tourney mileage for coaches:  mileage while travelling to and from practices and tournaments not involving an overnight stay and in province. This will be reimbursed on a $/kilometer basis and set on an annual basis toward the end of the season dependent on the club’s ability to pay, current rate is 25 cents per kilometer. We encourage all coaches and managers to car pool in an effort to mitigate this cost.
d. Sponsorship (Elementary Tournaments, Beach Initiative, BCO Invitational etc..)

3. Costs covered by individual team athletes invoiced throughout the season as required. These include:

a. Travel costs for athletes, coaches and managers as outlined below.
b. Accommodation costs as outlined below
c. Meal costs as outlined below

The policy below is designed to cover items not covered by items 1 or 2 above.  However, as a volunteer organization we encourage all or our coaches and managers to donate their expenses wherever financially possible.

*Note:  Teams may run fund raising activities to offset their tournament travel expenses.  All fund raising activities must be approved by the BCO executive.

  1. Each team manager will be responsible for budgeting the estimated team season costs, for approval by the President and presentation at the initial team parents meeting. Directors will also be copied on the expenses budget for their information.

  2. Drivers transporting multiple players to tourneys will be reimbursed subsequently once all receipts (gas,toll,ferry..) have been submitted to the team manager.

  3. Out of province tournament costs will be collected before travel based on manager’s estimate. The manager will provide a reconciliation at the end and reimburse excess costs if required.

  4. For all away tournaments requiring an over night stay:
    a. Expenses for 2 coaches per team will be covered for all age groups
    b. Expenses for 1 manager per team for U15/16/18 will be covered including:
            i. Transportation including mileage at 20 cents per kilometre if child is not on the team
            ii. 1/2 hotel room

     5. Coaches expenses incurred while travelling away from home overnight on behalf of the club, include:

a. Transportation including auto expenses (20 cents per kilometre)
b. Food - full day per diem $45 provided in cash to each coach provided by the team manager and prorated based on actual number of days required for travel.  Example. $10 Breakfast, $15 Lunch, $20 Dinner
c. Accommodation sharing where ever possible

6. Missed work costs up to a reasonable limit as approved by the board and administered by the manager. Coaches must submit their estimated missed work costs to the manager during the initial cost budgeting at the beginning of the season.

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