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Update on Paid Positions and Club Fees

23 Nov 2015 5:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

At our November Board Meeting, a number of key decisions regarding the organization of our club were discussed.  The Board of Directors has approved a number of paid positions to ensure the long-term viability of BCO Volleyball.  While our club has managed to operate well in the past on the reliance of volunteers, increasing demands in relation to administrative tasks as well as the implementation of Development Camps and the Beach Program has resulted in BCO becoming a 12-month a year operation.  


BCO Club Organization 2015/2016




John McGowan


Mike Rockwell


Jane Corrigan


Shannon Graham

Tony Laurita

Trina Hewlett

Richard Price

Linda Wolverton


Mike Rockwell

Athlete Development

Alan Ahac

Director - Club Operations*

Deb Janzen

Operations Assistant*

Suzy Koven

Social Media Coordinator*

Mika Janzen


Kirsten Bell

Facilities Coordinator**

Arlene Murdock

Club Head Coach*

Dan Huzar

Technical Development Committee

John McGowan

Dan Huzar

Alan Ahac

Rob Gowe

Tony Laurita


As this is the first year that we are implementing these paid positions, the Board of Directors is committed to conducting a review at the end of the season and making any adjustments to the list of positions as required.

Positions with an * are paid positions for the 2015/2016 season.

All team coaching and manager staff are volunteer positions.

Club Fees 2015-2017

The Board of Directors also passed a motion to increase club fees over the next two seasons.  These fee increases are necessary in order to cover a number of administrative cost increases as well as to support the creation of the new club positions.

· Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada membership fee per user has increased.

· Volleyball BC tournament fees have increased for all age groups including for Regionals and Provincials.

· New club structure.

· Administration costs (website & registration system, legal & accounting for CRA requirements).

14U Girls

15U Girls

16U Girls

17/18U Girls

2016 Season





2017 Season






Note:  As boy’s teams do not always follow the same season structure/plan as the girl’s teams, fees for these teams will be confirmed upon the head coaches confirmation of season structure and approved by the BCO Board.


John McGowan


BCO Volleyball Club

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