Tryout Tips

28 Nov 2015 5:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Tryouts can be nerve-wracking, so we asked some of our BCO family who have had some very successful tryouts for some tips. Hint: not one of their tryout tips has anything to do with not making mistakes!  Your evaluators know that not every pass or set will be perfect – that’s how volleyball goes. What they’re curious about is how you react to these imperfections to make sure the next one is a little better.

Don’t compare yourself to other players or try to figure out what the coach is thinking. You will give yourself the best chance of making the team if you just play hard and enjoy! – Denise Wooding, BCO Grad 2011, University of Toronto libero, 2015 OUA East Libero of the Year

Look at the coach when they are talking to you! And stand out by your work ethic. Put max effort into every drill even if it's something your not comfortable in, get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Always do the demos!!!!!!!  - Devon May, BCO Grad 2013, SFU left side

Don't forget to smile! – Jayme Bratsberg, BCO Grad 2014, SFU libero

My mom made me wear a bright red shirt, as if a 6'3 grade 10 didn't stick out already. I would try my hardest and be friendly to everyone!!! It's a team sport after all – Katie Wuttunee, BCO Grad 2011, UBC Okanagan middle, 2014 Canada West All-Star

Be coachable! If a coach asks you to try a new technique make sure you do! Also always put 100% effort into every drill! – Danielle Curtis, BCO Grad 2011, SFU setter

Be the most positive on the court because you could be the worst player but they might take you if you have the right attitude and work ethic – Jen Johnstone, BCO Grad 2011, former Guelph University middle

Relax, have fun and work your hardest! – Kendra Finch, BCO Grad 2015, Thompson Rivers University left side

Be loud, always run from drill to drill or from drills to water, don't worry about what other people in your position are doing just be yourself! The most important thing is to be aggressive and have fun :) – Shae Harris, BCO Grad 2015, Seattle University setter, 2015 Canadian National B Team

Be competitive!! And wear basketball shorts. – Rhiannon Patterson, former BCO & VCCE Coach, former Capilano University right side

No matter what age you are bubble kneepads are the way to go and will always impress coaches – Dayna Kern, BCO Grad 2015, Tulane University middle

Go for every ball! – Kate Lonergan, BCO Grad 2012, former University of Toronto libero

Be super loud (with intention don't just yell for no reason) and be a leader! Listen to instructions and be the first to set up the drills when you're asked – Anna Price, BCO Grad 2015, UBC left side

Volunteer for demos. – Katie Crawford, BCO Grad 2011, UBC libero

Always listen to the coaches and volunteers when they are speaking or giving instruction and especially when they are giving you feedback. Work hard, play with determination, and smile! – Meghan Koven, BCO Grad 2015, Capilano University left side

You can’t control what the evaluators write down. What you can control is what you do, so focus on the little things. Stop your feet before you pass and finish every set with even hands. – Wes Webb, BCO 18U Elite Associate Head Coach

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