Financial Assistance for Athletes

BCO encourages participation in our club for athletes of all socio-economic back grounds. We recognize that some families may not be able to afford our registration fees and we do not want that to be a barrier to your children participating. BCO fund raises money every year to help us subsidize athletes in financial need and we encourage anyone who cannot afford our fees to contact our Club Administrator, Deb Janzen at 

Our process for athlete subsidies for registration fees is as follows:

1.  Contact Deb Janzen to outline your need:
a) Non-subsidized payment plan - spreading payment out over a number of months.

b) Partially subsidized payment plan - BCO providing a subsidy as required and spreading the balance in payment plan out over a number of months

c) Fully subsidized payment - BCO providing 80% of season registration fees for 13U and 14U and up to 100% subsidy for age groups where there is also a travel expense for mandatory out of town tournaments (15U to 18U).

Please note we are not able to provide assistance or subsidies for travel expenses. 
2.  If you require some form of subsidy, we will ask you to apply to the following organizations who may provide BCO a reimbursement for a portion of the registration fees. Please note that the level of subsidy we get from these organizations is independent of BCO's decision to subsidize your child's fees as our subsidy will be provided on the basis of need.  The applications to these organizations must come from the family (not BCO):
a)  Kidsport North Shore: click here for application information.
Kidsport will provide up to $200 subsidy directly to BCO to be used against registrations fees only.  The application does not require disclosure of financial information and only requires a 'Financial Verification Endorser' who knows the family and can verify that without assistance, the child would not be able to participate in the sport.  The Financial Verification Endorser can be a social worker, school principal or counsellor, pastor, doctor or nurse.  Please refer to the application for full details.
b) JumpStart Charity click here for application information.
JumpStart Charity is sponsored by Canadian Tire and assists families by providing funding that can be used for registration fees, equipment and transportation expenses.  Families must meet the program financial need criteria and will be asked to provide supporting documentation with your application.

c) A4KAthletics For Kids :  click here for application information.
A4K will provide a subsidy for up to 80% of season registration fees to a maximum of $600 directly to BCO. The criteria for A4K is a more involved and requires that 1) family makes less that $40,000 per year 2) family is on social assistance, or 3) the child is a foster child. 
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